Why Should Your Business Use Our Ribbon Cutting Services?

A ribbon cutting ceremony should be an important part of your overall marketing plan, as it creates awareness for the products and services that your offer to the community.

Let SWFL Inc. help you celebrate your significant milestone or grand opening and offer advice on how to make your next company celebration a successful event.

  Two staff members in attendance

  Giant scissors and ribbon included

  Press release sent out on our behalf

  Dedicated post on our social media pages

Video Promotion

Frequently Asked Questions

When are we able to schedule a ribbon cutting?

SWFL Inc. hosts ribbon cuttings on weekdays. We recommend either a morning or early evening time to maximize attendance participation. We do not offer ribbon cutting services on weekends.

What does SWFL Inc. bring to each ribbon cutting?

For each ribbon cutting we'll bring a pair of giant scissors, festive ribbon for ceremonial cutting, and a camera to take commemorative photos and videos.

Can you invite guests and other dignitaries to my ribbon cutting?

Upon request, SWFL Inc. will invite local elected officials of your choosing. SWFL Inc. can not guarantee their availability.

How do you promote the event before the ribbon cutting?

Before the ribbon cutting ceremony we create and schedule a dedicated post to our social media marketing platforms to increase your companies visibility.

How do you promote the event after the ribbon cutting?

To continue the buzz and excitement of your grand opening, we send out a dedicated press release to our entire media list. The press release is created by an in-house marketing expert tailored for your business goals.