Business Builders Podcast

Episode 30: 7 Tips to Supercharge Your Email Marketing

You’ve probably heard that both businesses small and large are using email marketing to grow their revenue, reach new audiences, and better engage with their customers. But with all the hype, is email marketing worth it?

With more digital marketing options then ever before, including social media marketing and google ads, does email still hold its value when it comes to generating revenue? In today’s episode we’ll talk with Nella DeCesare, from WBN Marketing, about how you can supercharge your email marketing efforts and optimize the time you spend doing it.

Episode 29: How to Create Great Videos with Just Your Smartphone

Recording videos has never been easier. Everyone has a powerful video camera right in their pocket, their smartphone! With a little practice, even you can start creating great videos, vlogging, or even posting engaging content to your social media or website. Join us as we sit down with Mike Haley and Dave Cintron from M&M Multimedia, a video production and digital marketing company in Fort Myers, to discuss what it takes to turn your smartphone into a portable movie studio.

Episode 28: Why You Should Start a Podcast for Your Business

Podcasting is one of the fastest-growing content types, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. Every day, more and more businesses are launching a podcast as a powerful way to reach new customers. Not only can it be simple to start, it can be an ongoing opportunity to reach a new audience, personalize your brand, and become an authority in your industry. Join us as we discuss the benefits of launching a podcast for your business and steps you can take to get it off the ground.

Episode 27: The Best Tips for Working Remotely

Everyone who works remotely has to figure out when to work, where to work, and how to create boundaries between their work and personal life. What about office equipment, career development, employee training, and building relationships with colleagues? Remote work can be an amazing opportunity for organizations and their employees, but it isn't for everyone. In this episode, we'll cover both the benefits of working remotely for employees and their employers.

Episode 26: How to Generate Effective Leads Through Your Website

Every business can create a website. However, not every business can use their website to generate effective leads and traffic that match their goals. Whether your running a brick and mortar retail store or an online membership website, it’s important that your website is generating effective leads and converting enough of your visitors into customers.

Episode 25: Website Security for Small Business

There was a time when only large corporations and government agencies had to worry about hackers and cyber criminals, but not anymore. Today, they now pose and ever-increasing threat to small businesses. Why? Because small businesses are amongst the easiest targets. That means it’s time to start thinking about website security for your small business. Today’s special guest is Nella DeCesare, Managing Director of WBN Marketing.

Episode 24: The Basics of Running Effective Paid Social Campaigns

Today’s episode focuses on paid social media advertising. From raising brand awareness to driving traffic and leads, a well-crafted campaign can produce immediate results for your business. So, whether you’re already a seasoned pro or just starting your first campaign, we’ll cover some ideas and tips to help you get the most out of your ROI.

Episode 23: How to Plan an Event: Marketing & Tips

Whether your putting together a large conference, or organizing a small meeting, planning an event can be a daunting task. From establishing a strategy, to actually promoting your event, there are a number of things you’ll need to consider. Join us as we discuss planning and marketing tips you can use for your next upcoming event.

Episode 22: Importance of Online Reputation Management

In this digital era, online reputation management has become a crucial aspect of any business. As more and more purchases are made every day, 9 out of 10 consumers will conduct online research through a search engine before making a purchasing decision. Learn what you need to do to make sure those consumers see your company in a positive way.

Episode 21: Why Accessibility Matters For Your Business

By making your website and all of your advertising efforts accessible, you are ensuring that not only people with disabilities, but all of your potential customers will have a good user experience. Join us as we discuss the importance of why accessibility matters for your business.

Episode 20: Best Practices for Email Marketing

Email marketing remains one of the most effective marketing channels and should be at the center of any brands marketing strategy. Tune in as we discuss email marketing best practices that’ll keep your customers engaged, improve your ROI, and get your marketing campaigns off the ground.

Episode 19: Showcase Your Company Culture Through Social Media

Social media is meant to be social, so why not use it to show people who you really are? By using creative tactics, you can highlight your organization and team to help build trust in current clients and future customers. Tune in as we speak with Megan Postiglione, from Priority Marketing, about why your business should showcase it’s company culture through social media.

Episode 18: Tools For Small Business Marketing Success

Running a business in this modern economy can be challenging. Luckily, there’s many free tools and programs you can use to help grow your business. Join us as we speak with Vanessa Chaviano, the Founder & CEO of LIV Digital Marketing, and discuss tools you can use for small business marketing success.

Episode 17: Protect Your Business From Cyber Threats

Is your business safe? Since the pandemic began, the FBI has seen an increase of 300% of reported daily cyber crimes. Join us as we talk with Tim Pabich, the CEO of Magnitech, as we discuss ways you can protect your business and employees from online threats.

Episode 16: How to Rank Higher on Google

There are an estimated 3.5 billion searches on Google every day. How do you make sure that your business can be found? Join us as we talk with Randy Mitchelson, the Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Public Relations for M&M Multimedia, as we discuss Search Engine Optimization, what it means, and how you can rank higher on Google.

Episode 15: How to Start a Podcast for Your Business

Did you know that over half of American’s have listened to at least one podcast episode? If you’re still on the fence about starting a podcast for your business, it could be the perfect way for you to attract new customers, tell your story, and appear as a leader in your industry. Join us as we talk with Solomon Thimothy, CEO and Co-Founder of OneIMS, about why your business should start a podcast, and how you can stand out from the competition, and build a level of brand loyalty that grows over time.

Episode 14: Managing Your Work-Life Balance While Working From Home

With the ever changing work environment, more and more people are finding themselves working from home. Although this has many positive benefits, the ability to balance your professional and personal responsibilities can be challenging. In this episode we’ll discuss simple things you can do to help manage your work-life balance while working from home.