Lee Health Launches 'Know Where to Go' Campaign

Nonprofit News,

‘Know Where to Go’ Helps Patients Understand Appropriate Venues for Care

The seasonal influx of residents and visitors to Southwest Florida leads to more patients in our clinics, offices and our emergency departments. This year, the increase in patients has been exacerbated by the current omicron surge.

Late last week, we had multiple days where the census exceeded 100% of staffed operational bed capacity. We held a press conference on Thursday to implore our community to seek care in the right place. We also used the press conference to remind people across Southwest Florida that we are offering Lee Telehealth free of charge to help conserve community resources, like our EDs, Convenient Care offices.

We recognize the volume of patients is challenging, and we continue looking for other ways to educate our community about appropriate venues for care.

We created this graphic to help patients understand their options and choose the right and most appropriate place for care. We are sharing it on social media, I shared it with our Medical Staff, and I used it as the foundation for the columns I write for Florida Weekly and the Bonita Banner. Please feel free, too, to share it with people you know so we can spread the word even further.

We know you all are working so hard to provide the best care possible, and we appreciate everything you do every day and night.


Yours in Health,

Larry Antonucci, M.D., MBA

President & CEO, Lee Health