SWFL Inc. Celebrates 4,000 Members

Chamber News,

SWFL Inc. celebrates 4,000 members 

By: Tiffany Esposito, MBA, CCE, IOM, APR, President & CEO, SWFL Inc. 

August 4th of this year will be the third anniversary of SWFL Inc., a celebration of the day we created a free membership for our Lee, Collier and Charlotte County businesses. On August 4th, we also unveiled a new name that better fits the members we already served, stretching from Marco Island to Punta Gorda, rather than just Bonita Springs. In just three years since the transition, we’re proud to say we’ve grown from 636 members to over 4,000 – and that’s worth celebrating! 

That’s 4,000 business voices that we amplify when we work with legislators to create business-friendly policies. That’s 4,000 organizations we promote throughout the year through the SWFL Inc. Visitor Guide as well as digital, physical and event sponsorships. That’s 4,000 new connections, neighbors and friends to be made when you attend Business After Hours, Power Hour, Get Connected or any one of SWFL Inc.’s signature events. 

These businesses are run by families, friends and some are even one-man-shows. SWFL Inc. members scoop ice cream. SWFL Inc. members fix cars and boats and roofs. SWFL Inc. members can help you buy a home, take a great photo, staycation in style or enjoy a dinner you’ll remember forever. They’re the movers and shakers that have called Southwest Florida home for generations or maybe for just a couple of months. 

4,000 members isn’t just a win for SWFL Inc., it’s a win for Southwest Florida’s community of business owners. We’re proud to have strengthened and widened the network for our local businesses, and as we get to know our members through social media, meetings, visits and events, we encourage you to do the same!   

SWFL Inc. is here to help your business succeed in Southwest Florida and connect you with our wide network of professionals across the region because when Southwest Florida organizations work together, we can make INCredible things happen! 

Thank you for your continued support of SWFL Inc. We’d love to help your business succeed in Southwest Florida – give us a call at (239) 992-2943 or visit SWFLinc.com.