Your Guide to Cleaning, Restoration, and Sustainable Living

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Your Guide to Cleaning, Restoration, and Sustainable Living 

Based on the American Time Use Survey, we spend about 62% of our waking time at home. Being at home most of the time means we’re likely to run into our neighbors, so it’s important to get to know them. Here are some neighbors to know in Southwest Florida. 

Jani-King Fort Myers, also known as the “King of Clean”, delivers a superior commercial cleaning program to a wide range of customer locations including office buildings, hospitals, hotels, sporting venues, universities, restaurants, manufacturing facilities and more. 

Naples2Cleaning Services When it comes to cleaning in the Naples area, Naples2Cleaning Services is a household name. This company offers a wide range of exterior cleaning solutions for your home or business. Naples2Cleaning Services believes that everyone has the right to live in a clean, hygienic, and beautiful environment, no matter whether you like cleaning or not. Their team of licensed professionals is handpicked and extensively trained to ensure they can provide their customers with the highest possible standards. 

Service Master by Wright is there for its neighbors when disaster strikes providing the guidance, expertise and personalized care you need—to make sure your life gets back to normal as quickly as possible. If you’re looking for additional cleaning services, you can also trust Green Leaf Cleaning. 

If you’re looking to solve water issues in your home, contact Kinetico Water Systems. Kinetico is known for brilliantly simple water treatments that are tailored to your home, and offers the cleanest, greenest and most efficient water systems ever made.  

  1. Limit and recycle your waste  

Recycling helps limit the amount of waste sent to landfills and helps conserve natural resources such as timber, water and minerals. However, there may come a time when disaster strikes, and you need a professional to dispose of materials properly to avoid doing more environmental damage. That’s when you can trust Waste Management Inc of Florida, ServiceMaster by Wright, Jani-King Fort Myers and Green Leaf Cleaning to provide the guidance, expertise and personalized care you need to make sure your life gets back on track and you’re not harming the environment in the process. 

  1. Invest in energy-efficient appliances  

The old appliances in our homes are not energy efficient and will eventually need to be replaced with new ones. Little by little, you can swap out outdated appliances and invest in new ones that use less energy. If you’re looking for a recommendation on the best products to consider, contact Executive Electronics of Southwest Florida. Executive Electronics (EE) is a family owned and operated full service residential and commercial low voltage integrator that has been in business for almost 40 years. With 30 employees, EE is large enough to handle anything, yet small enough to provide the flexible, personal service you’d expect. 

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