The Ultimate Guide for Back to School

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Summer vacation is officially over, and the school year is upon us once again! As kids are gearing up to go back to school, consider engaging with these community-driven initiatives that can help make your child’s academic journey even more exciting and fulfilling. 

Dedicated to shaping the future of Lee County's K-8 students, Oak Creek Charter School (OCCS) is unwavering in its commitment to preparing students for success beyond high school. The school achieves this mission through a combination of a rigorous curriculum and ongoing assessment programs. Alongside academics, OCCS integrates daily fitness and health instruction, as well as a comprehensive character education program. 

Since its establishment in 2002, Bonita Springs Charter School has remained steadfast in its mission to foster well-rounded individuals who are empowered, valued, and equipped with academically enriching instruction. This ensures their readiness to participate in and positively impact local and global communities through various student leadership opportunities. The school's approach encompasses not only academics but also extracurricular activities, student leadership teams, and avenues for holistic development. 

Welcoming registrations for the upcoming fall term, Growing Room Child Development Center is focused on creating a secure, nurturing, and engaging environment for our young learners. This environment allows children’s minds and bodies to flourish, enabling them to transition into kindergarten with confidence and capability. The center values its partnership with parents, aiming to share teachable moments and accomplish crucial milestones together. 

Creative World School is a leader in early education and upholds the highest standards for its early childhood curriculum. With a commitment to national standards, this school ensures that every child's educational journey is exceptional. Their classrooms are full of fun, laughter, and the joy of learning. 

For those seeking to elevate their educational journey, Rasmussen University presents an excellent option. For over a century, the university has been facilitating higher education opportunities for working adults aiming to thrive in a dynamic job landscape. From its inaugural campus in 1900 to pioneering online education in 2002, and its current offering of graduate degrees, Rasmussen University remains dedicated to its mission of meeting the diverse needs of communities and cultivating well-rounded professionals primed for sought-after careers. 

Beyond educational institutions, there's much to glean from the local nonprofits in Southwest Florida. The David Lawrence Center (DLC) is on a mission to provide crucial behavioral health care through education, prevention, intervention, and treatment. You can contribute to DLC's noble cause through donations or by supporting their programs and mission through volunteer work. Detailed information can be found on the DLC website. 

Playing a pivotal role in the lives of Southwest Florida residents, Pelican Landing Community Associations, Inc. helps individuals make our breathtaking region their home. Characterized by lush landscapes, serene cypress hammocks, protected wildlife areas, pristine wetlands, and scenic roadways shaded by majestic palms and native oaks, Pelican Landing's design embodies the essence of this beautiful locale. 

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