How Did This Year’s Legislative Session Affect Southwest Florida? Find Out June 28

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How did this year’s legislative session affect Southwest Florida? Find out June 28

By: Tiffany Esposito, MBA, CCE, IOM, APR, President & CEO, SWFL Inc. 

There were thousands of bills filed last legislative session, and many of them have a direct impact on our lives here in Southwest Florida. It’s imperative to educate ourselves on how these bills might influence our region, and you can do just that at SWFL Inc.’s President’s Club Roundtable on Tuesday, June 28th from 8 to 9 a.m. Here, Senator Ray Rodrigues and Representative Adam Botana will provide an update on what’s happening in Tallahassee and how it affects life locally.  

Ray Rodrigues is the State Senator for District 27, which covers the majority of Lee County. He was elected in November of 2020. Currently Senator Rodrigues serves as the Chair of the Senate Reapportionment Committee. 

Adam Botana’s story is an inspiring one. Adam had never thought about running for State House, or any other office for that matter. It was not until 2019 that he felt compelled to run because of the water quality issues that Southwest Florida was facing. That’s where his family business is, and it is where his friends and family call home. In 2020, the House District 76 seat became open, and Adam decided to run.  Adam strongly believes that Tallahassee could use more businessmen and fewer politicians and that is what he brings to the table. 

Join us to learn more about which bills were passed and how they affect Southwest Florida. Also, as we look ahead to next year’s legislative session, we can get a preview of some of the topics that will be addressed in 2023. SWFL Inc. is excited to introduce President's Club new a la carte ticket option to join these exclusive conversations. To purchase your ticket for the upcoming roundtable or for more information on our speakers, visit 

President’s Club connects community leaders from organizations in Lee, Collier and Charlotte Counties so we can work together for a bright future. Attending our exclusive series of roundtable conversations to learn about issues and projects that will impact our region in the long term, including workforce housing, water quality, infrastructure and more. 

If you cannot attend the upcoming President’s Club Roundtable, we always welcome you to join in on the conversation and discuss how we can build a prosperous community. Contact me anytime at [email protected] if you’d like to start receiving legislative updates from our team via email. We hope to see you at our President’s Club roundtable for a legislative update on June 28th at The Hub!