How to Use Canva’s Innovative Tools for Your Social Media and Marketing

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How to use Canva’s innovative tools for your social media and marketing

Launched in 2013, Canva is an online design and publishing tool with a mission to empower everyone in the world to design anything and publish anywhere. Canva values making complex things simple, setting crazy big goals and making them happen, being a force for good and empowering others. If you’re a business owner, we’re sure at least one of these values resonates with you. Canva’s people-first and can-do attitude has inspired over 10 billion designs to be created on their platform in 190 countries.

It’s no secret that Canva is a game-changer for small businesses. From content creation to brand management, group brainstorming sessions and more, Canva has become a vital part of organizations’ social media and marketing strategies. Here’s how millions of organizations are using Canva to their benefit…

  1. Create eye-catching content faster

With Canva’s user-friendly design and software, businesses can create eye-catching content quicker than ever. Not to mention, thousands of designers have already uploaded their content as templates into Canva. It’s easy for businesses to change text, images, colors, etc. to fit their brand without having to start from scratch. There’s no need to hire a designer or spend hours learning new graphic design software with Canva’s thousands of designs at your fingertips.

  1. Consistent brand and feel

Canva’s creators were designers themselves, so they understand the importance of brand recognition. With the ease of Canva’s software and the ability to add your own brand kit, you’re able to design consistently across social media and all platforms by using your organization’s font, colors, logo, and more so your brand is recognized in seconds.

  1. Attract and retain customers

Canva is also a valuable tool for businesses to attract and retain customers. In the competitive social media world, your content needs to stand out so your current and potential customers will engage with you. According to Retail Alliance, “Canva helps you create content that can grab a customer’s attention, drive social engagement, and increase brand awareness. With the ability to upload your photos and logo, you can use Canva to create social graphics that allow you to tell your brand’s story.”

  1. Promote events and sales

Again, maintaining your organization’s brand across platforms is imperative and Canva makes it easy. When it comes to promoting your events and getting sales, email graphics, event banners, flyers and more can be created in addition to social media graphics on Canva to inform your audience about upcoming events, sales and more.

Innovations to Canva in 2022

Canva believes that for businesses to succeed in today’s visual-first world, they need the right tools to shine. At Canva’s annual summit, Canva Create, the global event revealed several exciting ways the organization is innovating and involving its products to help businesses unlock their creativity and achieve their goals. The theme of the event was “The Future is Visible”. Here are some of SWFL Inc.’s favorite features that were unveiled at Canva Create.

  1. Canva Docs

Canva Docs is unveiled as an exciting new way to create compelling documents with all the Canva tools users are familiar with and love, combined with familiar text editing and formatting options, plus a range of new features designed to maximize productivity and collaboration.

Canva’s hope is that the new Docs feature becomes a place for collaboration and where businesses can house plans, designs, and other communications. While there, you’ll be able to access Canva’s content library of more than 100 million design assets or even add in any of your other, previously created designs such as Presentations, Videos, Charts, or Whiteboards so everything’s in one place. Here, you’ll even be able to add to-do lists, share comments, actions and collaborate with your team in real-time.

Best yet, after creating a Doc, in one click you can turn a Canva Doc into a fully-fledged Presentation and share it online as a branded link, and even get view and engagement insights.

  1. Canva Websites

Designing a website is a daunting task for many, especially new business owners with little to know programming expertise. According to Canva, “Gone are the days of clunky editing, expensive hosting, and uneditable web designs – all of which you’ve had to learn on your own.”

Now, if you’re familiar with Canva, you can design a website! Canva’s Website builder has hundreds of templates, just like when you’re designing a social media post, and access to Canva’s full content library to make your website your own. It also has a few extra features such as responsive device previews where you can add or purchase a branded domain from within Canva; and the ability to keep your site private by adding a password and hiding it from search engines.

And once your website’s published, you’re able to track views, clicks, and engagement with new Websites Insights right in Canva.

  1. Canva Print

Printing got a whole lot more convenient with Canva this year. At Canva Create, it was revealed that you can now print more than 35 items through Canva Print from business cards to uniforms, photo books, posters, stickers, hoodies, and more. Print orders can be delivered right to your door or picked up at a local Fedex Office.

Canva’s updates to its printing also ensure you’re 100% satisfied with the product before it’s in your hands. When you’re ready to print, you’ll automatically be alerted to elements that might be cut off or images that have low resolution, ensuring a perfect print every time.

Where do I even begin with Canva?

The opportunities to design and create on Canva are so vast that it’s hard to know where to begin. That’s why at SWFL Inc. we created our Digital Marketing Courses, designed to give our region’s small businesses the tools they need to grow in an ever-changing world.

In SWFL Inc.’s upcoming Digital Marketing Course on Canva, we’ll discuss the basics of the platform, how to manage your brand organization’s brand in Canva, ways to improve productivity with your team, review the newly added features from last years Canva Create Summit and even design something together. To register, click here.

If you’re unable to attend the upcoming course, sign up for SWFL Inc.’s Business Builders updates where we provide valuable information to our local businesses on the industry’s latest news and trends.