Design on Canva Like a Pro - No Experience Required!

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Design on Canva Like a Pro – No Experience Required!

By: Tiffany Esposito, MBA, CCE, IOM, APR, President & CEO, SWFL Inc.

At SWFL Inc., we aim to grow better businesses by providing them with the necessary resources needed to succeed. Growing better businesses will in turn grow a better Southwest Florida – one where businesses and people thrive. That’s why we began our Digital Marketing Courses.

The topics of these courses were carefully selected to teach our local professionals the skills they need to not just grow their businesses but thrive. So far, we have covered Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and TikTok. We are looking forward to our next Digital Marketing Course on Tuesday, June 7th from 8 to 9:30 a.m. at The Hub. The topic of this course is Canva.

Launched in 2013, Canva is an online design and publishing tool with a mission to empower everyone in the world to design anything and publish anywhere. Canva enables you to create that content quickly and easily, even if you have little to no graphic design skills. Whether you use your Canva-created designs online or off, you'll be able to create a large variety of engaging content that will attract your targeted prospects; and isn't that what marketing is all about?

In our upcoming Digital Marketing Course, we will take you through the basics of Canva, demonstrate how you can easily manage your brand and your organization’s identity with this free and convenient platform and even design something together. The course will be led by two of SWFL Inc.’s own: Charles Stanisce and Jenny Parrish.

Charles is our Director of Marketing and Technology. Both a graduate of Florida Gulf Coast University and the architect of the SWFL Inc. membership model, Charles is an expert in brand management, revamped the SWFL Inc. website this past year and is our marketing and digital content strategy connoisseur. Jenny’s background in marketing and advertising brings a unique twist to SWFL Inc. She had four industry-related internships while studying at Florida Gulf Coast University which she applies to her work daily. Both Charles and Jenny are active Canva users and use the platform for nearly all marketing materials created in-house here at SWFL Inc.

The cost for the course is $50. Please come to the course with a Canva account created and a laptop, if able, to follow along with the presentation and design something with Charles and Jenny’s help. To register or to find more information on the June 7th Canva Course, visit