Introduction to Session – How a Bill Becomes a Law in Florida

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Introduction to Session – How a Bill Becomes a Law in Florida

By: Tiffany Esposito, MBA, CCE, IOM, APR, President & CEO, SWFL Inc.

As we approach the 2022 legislative session, I wanted to give a brief explanation on how a bill becomes a law in Florida.

Each year, the legislature meets for 60 days, where they vote on proposed legislation and appropriate state dollars. When a bill is filed, it is referred to three committees where members can ask questions and debate the proposed legislation.

It is voted on, and if the bill makes it through all three committees, it heads to the floor to be heard by the full body. Once on the floor, the bill is read a second time, where members ask questions. After questions, the bill is read a third time and members may debate the substance of the bill. Once debate it over, members vote on the bill. If it passes, it is sent to the other chamber where they must also pass the bill. The chamber receiving the bill follows the same process.

Once both the House and the Senate have passed the legislation, it is sent to the Governor who can sign it into law or veto it. If it is vetoed, it takes 2/3rds of both chambers to override the Governor.

SWFL Inc. is committed to supporting, protecting and promoting businesses in Lee, Collier and Charlotte Counties. To make that possible, we actively work on solutions that help businesses succeed. Every policy, program and challenge we take supports that vision. We’re tracking the following policy bills and appropriations into 2022 that are working to build a vibrant and prosperous community:

  • SB 962 Mixed-use Residential Development Projects for Affordable Housing (Senator Bradley)
  • HB 585 Caloosahatchee River Watershed (Representative Botana)
  • HB 579 Aquatic Plant Management (Representative Melo)
  • HB 2193: Collier County Golden Gate City Water Resource Protection/Restoration Master Plan (Representative Borrero)
  • HB 2197 Bonita Springs Home Elevation and Buy-Out Program (Representative Botana)
  • HB 3183 Caloosahatchee River Submerged Aquatic Vegetation Restoration (Representative Botana)
  • HB 3435 Naples Bay Red Tide/Septic Tank Mitigation (Representative Rommel)

If you’re interested in learning more about SWFL Inc.’s 2022 Legislative Agenda, visit You can also contact Josh Goergen, our Government Relations Manager, with any questions you may have or to get signed up for SWFL Inc.’s advocacy updates. He can be reached at (239) 992-2943 or [email protected].